Circle of the earth investigation 

A dear friend Daniel Valles wrote and put this together of his investigation into the flat earth and I thought I would share 🙂

3 thoughts on “Circle of the earth investigation 

  1. I have been shunned by church / state and family regarding God’s Creation of the Heavens and the Earth. I am wearing the Armor of God. I truly believe that Christians will be persecuted someday soon by Satan’s work of Heliocentric bullshit.

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    1. Aww I totally understand, I’ve had many at church call me crazy and my own son wouldn’t talk to me over it and thought I was being irrational. So sad how the school system indoctrinated all of us to believe satans sun centered world and worshipping the sun and yet only so few snap out of it and start asking if what we were told is true or not. I’m so sorry you’ve been shunned, I’m here if you ever need a friend


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